I do not understand how Pass Keys is supposed to work to facilitate logging onto various email accounts in Evolution. If i had some idea what the developers had in mind, I could probably figure it out and understand it.

As it is, I am asked for a passkey password (my computer login) and then for the passwords of the several email accounts that feed into Evolution. Everything is OK except for one of the accounts where I apparently entered the wrong password the first time. I do not know where it is or how to correct it.

I think what I don't understand is how the passkey is supposed to store passwords and deliver them as needed. Is this something like Wallet in KDE? How do I change passwords or access the passkey file to see what is there?

I like the idea of having a secure place to store passwords and retrieve them automatically. Right now I keep them in a PGP encrypted file and have one paper copy to use for daily reference.

Can someone point me in the right direction?