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Thread: KNetAttach SSH Connection error (FIX)

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    Default KNetAttach SSH Connection error (FIX)

    This morning I was trying to connect to my server using ssh via knetattach and I kept getting this error.

    Unable to connect to server. Please check your settings and try again.
    Tested ssh via terminal connection, no issue there so I went in search of knetattach's config files. While that didn't help, I did find the solution to this error.

    Solution: Delete the known_host text file so it can be recreated.

    Path to file:
    Step1: Navigate to file location
    Step2: Delete file
    Step3: connection remote hosting using knetattach

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    Default Re: KNetAttach SSH Connection error (FIX)

    Thanks for sharing. I've met this issue and it's "solution" in the past.
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