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Thread: Dell Latitude E6410 muiple monitors using docking station

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    Default Re: Dell Latitude E6410 muiple monitors using docking station

    Original script location:

    Xorg RandR 1.2 - ThinkWiki


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    Default Re: Dell Latitude E6410 muiple monitors using docking station

    I tried the script and I lost the display on both the monitors. The problem is that my other display is not at all detected.

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    My friend is using the Ubuntu 11.10 with the same laptop model and docking station and both monitors work perfectly fine for him. To me now it looks like openSuse uses inappropriate drivers for my graphics card. How can I use Ubuntu's driver for my laptop without breaking the package system.

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    I used Ubuntu 11.10 Live CD to boot and it worked fine. Then I got the trick and tried my openSuse with external monitor connected to the dock turned on and kept the laptop lid open so that its also on. This way both the monitors were detected and I could set the settings from KDE display to not to clone the display but to put them side by side. It looks there is problem with the drivers so that if laptop of the monitors is turned one during startup it will go undetected later.

    The dual monitor setup was cool. Here is my experience:

    * The 4 virtual desktops on one monitor and 4 on other.
    * I could set up two wallpapers for two screens.
    * However the virtual desktops for both screens were mapped one to one. If I switch to desktop grid on one screen it would show desktop grid on another monitor. And if I switch to virtual desktop one on one screen it switches to virtual desktop 1 on another screen. And the virtual desktops were kinda extended across the screens.
    * Moving windows across virtual-desktop/screen worked great. While in desktop grid mode I could move window from virtual desktop 1 screen 1 to virtual desktop 3 screen 2 easily.
    * The plasma taskbar was also movable across screen, which looked so cool.
    * I think the semantics of virtual desktops and multiple screens is not so much worked upon and it can be made more intuitive.

    Then I switched off my machine and a little while later I used it it with just the laptop monitor. The effects were disastrous. KDE still behaved as if with two monitor. I saw two different wallpapers over one another with one one of them visible at the left edge. Taskbar was missing. Desktop icons were missing. I deleted the kwinrc file and even lost the capability to show windows on screen. Even krunner was showing up and disappearing. Alt-tab would show the applications open but I couldn't switch to them.
    I deleted all plasma config files and kwin config files and then it worked fine.

    The solution I think is that when in dual/multiple monitor mode KDE should use separate configuration and when in single monitor mode use another configuration. When more/lesser monitors are there try to create new configurations accordingly. The customizations like adding/removing plasma applets, wallpaper change can be mapped to other configurations while user is is in one of the configurations.

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