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    Hi Im trying out opensuse as an alternative to win.
    I Need to install wine,

    Can someone help me as I have no idea where to start, have done it on ubuntu, but openSuse seems much different.

    Many Thanks

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    -=WELCOME=- new poster..

    open YaST > Software Management, in the search box type wine, hit the
    search button, then left click the 'wine' package on the right (a green
    check mark will appear in the box) then click the "Accept" button..

    that is all there is to it..

    well, there is lots more i guess but, i have no windows software so i
    don't really know a lot more about it...others here can take you further..

    oh, i see this: It is not necessary to have a Windows installation to
    run WINE. Refer to /usr/share/doc/packages/wine/README.SuSE. (which you
    can see by navigating to that directory in your firefox) There is more
    documentation available in that directory. Read 'man wine' for further
    information. You can invoke wine by entering 'wine program.exe'.
    Configure it by running 'winecfg'.

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