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    I have done 3 12.1 installs and in all 3 PackageKit keeps popping up asking for the root password. Once that happens adding and removing software is blocked out by PackageKit. After the 3rd install and PackageKit tying up the computer I rebooted and before packagekit could come up I uninstalled everything that had PackageKit in the name. Not sure what the PackageKit is supposed to do but it's gone now. Am I the only one having this insistent pop-up?

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    I disable it
    When you see it in the sys tray, right click and configure to Never check for updates

    I only use Software Management in Yast
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    AFAIU packagekit is a backend used by KpackageKit (in 11.3) or Apper (in 12.1) that is the DE-specific package management tool - I think KDE's, not sure in gnome use it too.

    It's probably the app that warns you when there are updates you can or should do.

    As a user since oS 10.0 I got used to manage packages exclusively with Yast, and one of the first things I got the habit to do is disable this notification thingie, but I suppose it is a good thing for people that don't check manually for updates.

    It is normal that it asks for root's password, else it won't be able to install anything, and it will probably nag every time you boot until you allow the first updates to proceed. Then it will probably become less evident (depending on it's settings).

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