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    Hi! Is there a SpiderOak package in the 12.1 repositories? I can't seem to find one but this seems to say there should be one: SpiderOak - openSUSE


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    That's odd. For some reason SpiderOak is in the 11.3 repository, but not 11.4 nor 12.1? At least on SpiderOak's web site, you can download a package for 32bit or 64bit openSUSE.

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    Thanks! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something or that it wasn't in a repo I had to add.

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    It seems there were some non-technical issues that precluded building the package after 11.3. However the rpm package from spideroak's site works well - quite well in fact, it's a great tool. I currently use it to sync between work, home and laptop, and your data is not decryptable by 3rd parties as is the case with dropbox and others.

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    Yeah. Just for the official record, I downloaded their package for my 64-bit machine and it's been working well (although there's no SpiderOak icon for the launcher).

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