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    Question DVD install hangs at driver install . .


    I am new to Suse being a Kubuntu user mainly then Ubuntu with ldxe. I've got rather fed up with 'bloat' and continual issues with Kubuntu so I am going to try Suse 12.1 with ldxe. However unlike Kubuntu I am having trouble with the drivers at more or less the start of the install i.e. before any language/keyboard stuff etc. The install hangs at the driver stage and so I am at a loss as to what I do now.

    I know there are issues with Nvidia on Suse and I have what I believe are the bits and pieces I need to get the correct driver in place once the installation has completed.

    Any ideas please?

    System: Amd (Athlon) 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
    Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS/PCI/SSE2


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    Default Re: DVD install hangs at driver install . .

    What "drivers" ????

    almost everything should be supported "out of the box"

    and WHAT issues with nvidia?
    the .run runs just fine
    the oneclick should
    and the open nouveu driver works fine for most light users

    so what problem are you referring to?

    as to bloat
    opensuse is by far more bloated that ubuntu

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    Default Re: DVD install hangs at driver install . .

    Hi - thanks for the reply.

    I boot from the DVD and click 'Installation'. Up comes about 20 lines of text ending as follows:

    >>> opensuse installation programme v.3.5.15 (c) 19996-2011 Suse Linux Products GmbH
    Starting udev . . . ok
    Load basic drivers . . .

    At this point the system shows no activity and I gave it 10 minutes on the last boot.

    That is the issue.

    I had read somewhere that Suse was not as bloated as Ubuntu (Kubuntu) and I intend to run it with ldxe so . . . .(?)


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