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Thread: Web Yast not working

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    Default Web Yast not working


    I have installed Web Yast followed this tutorial: openSUSE:WebYaST Installation - openSUSE

    I checked if the webyast service is running and it is running. I started webyast applet in my KDE and i clicked on it and tried to enable webyast. The icon is unfortunately still grey and I can't connect to webyast at all.

    No error, no message, nothing.

    Is there any log or something I can check? Do I need to install web server to make it work?


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    Default Re: Web Yast not working

    On 11/30/2011 01:56 PM, gewinnera wrote:
    > I have installed Web Yast followed this tutorial: 'openSUSE:WebYaST
    > Installation - openSUSE'
    > (

    -=WELCOME=- new poster, but i'm a little confused about what are you
    trying to accomplish? i mean, a default install of openSUSE includes
    YaST which you can use to set up and administer your linux system..

    Web YaST on the other hand allows you to use a web browser on another
    machine (nearby or on the other side of earth) to set up and administer
    the machine on which Web YaST is running..

    is that what you wish to do, administer a machine from afar?

    if so, tell us a little more about your experience with Linux or
    Unix...and if you also (in addition to the how-to install) read through
    the how-to use Web YaST tutorial..

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