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Thread: gnome 3 crashes when scrolling pdf

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    Default gnome 3 crashes when scrolling pdf

    When using Evince to view a PDF, my pc freezes if I scroll quickly (e.g. if trying to reach the last page of a long PDF using a mouse wheel). Nothing is responsive (ctrl alt escape does nothing, clicking anywhere on the desktop does nothing.). Ctrl, alt backspace gets me to the login screen, which is also non-responsive (i.e. I can't log-in or power down from it). The only solution I have found is to power off at the plug, which isn't really a solution given others SSH into this machine.

    I have openSUSE 12.1 clean install on a intel core 2 duo with 4GB ram.

    This is always reproducible on my PC. Please, if there is any way to fix this I'd be grateful as this is making openSUSE 12.1 unusable for me.


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    Default Re: gnome 3 crashes when scrolling pdf

    I've tried to reproduce your problem on my system without success. The longest document I tried it with was 294 pages. My computer has similar specs to yours and is also running OpenSUSE 12.1 with GNOME 3.

    Did you do a fresh install of OpenSUSE 12.1 or did you upgrade from an earlier version (such as 11.4 -> 12.1)? I've heard of people having strange problems crop up when upgrading that are solved after doing a fresh install.

    Another possibility is a bad stick of RAM, although if this were the case, you'd probably be running into other serious issues as well.

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    Default Re: gnome 3 crashes when scrolling pdf

    Yes, it was a clean install. I've now done another clean install with the same settings (as far as I can remember) and it works! Very strange. Thanks for the help though!

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    Default Re: gnome 3 crashes when scrolling pdf

    That kind of freeze could be a video driver problem.

    I don't have a solution. I'm just making a suggestion about what to look for. It might be due to evince, except that evince happens to be doing the things that trigger the problem.
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    Default Re: gnome 3 crashes when scrolling pdf

    > Very strange.

    what happens if, after the freeze, you just don't touch the keyboard for
    like five minutes? (i'm thinking it is trying to render each page as it
    passes through, and will eventually catchup and be responsive again--if
    that happens it is almost certainly an evince....or, do you get the same
    freeze symptom if you fast scroll with either Okular or Adobe Reader?

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