I was hoping to find a way to create a shortcut of some sort on the kde desktop/openSUSE 11.4 I installed last week.

I am running 2 instances of opensim on the box, with mySQL databases and here are the steps of what I have to do and I am hoping for a way to do this simpler;

(Assuming mysql is running, the following actions and commands)

Open 2 Konsole windows...

Window 1:

cd Desktop/opensim1/bin
mono OpenSim.exe

Window 2:

cd Desktop/opensim2/bin
mono OpenSim.exe

I was hoping I could have something on the desktop for each, an icon for each would be good, that I can just click on and it opens the konsole window and executes the commands to start the instance for that window. I run 2 seperate instances for a few reasons, and they will need to start, run and stop individually on demand, and the konsole windows remain open at all times while they are running.
A shorter method would be welcome as I often have to start and stop these and typos wind up in there at times and it requires retyping the line all over.

I'm new to linux, but finding my way around fairly well.