Hi all,

I'm having great difficulty getting this to work. The application seems to install okay and shows no problem with any dependencies when doing so. I can launch Citrix, set up my credentials for our corporate network and see the available apps. However when I try and connect to any of the apps it shows the sign that it is processing the request, but nothing launches.

I've read around and seen that the limited information around appears to point to glibc being buggy. I've tried a fix from these forums pertaining to this problem to no avail.

In the processes I can see 'wfica' launch when I select an application next to 'wficamgr', but it never stays as an active process for more than 5-10 seconds.

I really need to get this working for work or I will need to downgrade to 11.4 or, as Lotus Notes was causing me some issues with Sametime, may have to go back to Windows. I'd rather not have to do this if possible.

Any information you may require to help me resolve, let me know.

Any help greatly appreciated,

P.S. I know this not an issue with Citrix Receiver 12 as I have the same problem when I try Citrix Receiver 11.