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Thread: timidity and karaoke on 12.1

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    Default timidity and karaoke on 12.1

    I would like to use kmid and so I had to install timidity, and I would like to automagically have it working when I switch on my laptop.
    In my 11.4 I made this:
    added this to /etc/rc.d/alsasound just before the last line (rc_exit):
    if [ "$RUNLEVEL" = "0" ] || [ "$RUNLEVEL" = "6" ]; then
    echo "Stopping timidity"
    killall -9 timidity
    echo "Starting timidity"
    timidity -iA -B2,8 -Os &
    I made the same on my new fresh installed 12.1 and doesn't works,
    if I give this command
    timidity -iA -B2,8 -Os &
    in superuser mode, kmid works.

    the question is: how to have kmid automagically working at the startup as in suse 11.4???

    manythanks from the Frank Sinatra's heir

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    Default Re:[solved] timidity and karaoke on 12.1

    SOLVED, they need to be started in Yast>runlevel , both timidity and alsasound
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