Hi. I'm running OpenSuSE 12.1 with the Kontact/Kmail version it ships with. I have several problems to report.

1) It loses email. I learned early on to move my previous ~/.kde to ~/.oldkde or something so it didn't destroy that directory, so I moved it and then performed an import. It successfully imported all my email (I have quite a few, some as far back as 2005). However, it took a very long time to do so, and to manipulate the directories it generated. It crashed once during this process, and I noticed that it lost my Archive folder (emails from 2005 until 2010). I had to re-import them and then finish the process. It also seemed to import the folders wrong, with emails from 2010 ending up in 2007's folder, etc.

2) It crashes. It crashed during import, and has done so several times since then. In KDE's settings I disabled Nepomuk because that was hogging the machine (I don't need the stuff in my home folder indexed, thanks....). Still, it's had several such crashes, too numerous to remember.

3) It fails to send. I ensured that I had the right settings under SMTP for both my own personal email and for GMail, yet both would fail to send. I would edit the message and try to send with one then another transport method, but neither would work, and I double- and triple-checked my settings each time. One of these failed sessions of trying one then another SMTP resulted in a crash, after which launching Kmail again (I use it inside Kontact) showed that now I have two of that same email I had been trying to send.

4) It duplicates emails. I remember one time when I received my email (and it downloaded one from GMail) I received four of that email from GMail and then when I clicked on it (not aware that it wasn't done with the file yet) I ended up having four in my inbox and before the rule that moves it into the subfolder I have it set for. Then that resulted in two disappearing and KMail then asking what to do about the file / email conflict, etc.

5) It won't create an mbox that I can use. I was trying to create an mbox folder so I could move my email into it an try a different email client. It won't let me write to the MBox folder I just created, so I can't do that.

What do I do about this? Is there a way to downgrade KMail to the previous version that had fewer issues?