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Thread: How To Use Zypper With Groups

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    Question How To Use Zypper With Groups

    If I go into Yast, Software, Software Management, I can click on the RPM Groups tab and view all applications that belong to a group, "Productivity/Networking/File-Sharing" for example.

    How can this be done in zypper? I would be happy to at least list the packages of the group or even better to install the uninstalled packages of the group. Searching for "group" in the man page of zypper leaves me with the impression that this functionality is not supported. Is this the case?

    RPM will let you list the installed packages as follows:
    rpm -q -g "Productivity/Networking/File-Sharing"

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    Default Re: How To Use Zypper With Groups

    AFAIU, the closest zypper can provide to managing groups of packages is via patterns. (The 'patterns' categories are a little more specific than YaST provides as 'groups', but otherwise similar).

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