Nautilus has become impossibly slow. It takes about 15 seconds to initially load and display the /home directory structures. When switching to show file system, it takes maybe 30 seconds to load and display information. When going to a directory like /usr/bin which contains 2500 items, it takes literally 5 minutes to load data. To the point where I think it is locked up but it does eventually load information.

Two CPUS are going alternately at 100 % and other near 0% w/only nautilus open but usage is cycling alternately between the two CPUs.

This behavior seems new and I did not notice it in the past. Using 4pane gives a near instantaneous display and functionality. 4pane does not have all the functionality of nautilus and I'd prefer nautilus.

I have gnome 2.3 desktop, suse 11.4, 32 bit system.

I have seen where nautilus does some detailed checking of dirs and files before opening but this seems excessive.

Thanks for any suggestions,
Tom Kosvic