The latest update from gPodder 2.2 to 3.0 (made on or about Nov 7, 2011) appears defective. Among other problems, there is no device tab.

I've been running gPodder 2.2. Except a brief problem with the python-feedparser ( all was well.

When gPodder 3.0 started, it could not find my old setting or directory but created a gPodder directory in my home directory. I could find no setting to point it to my old directory (bad news for podcast that are no longer available for downloading). Still I imported my old opml file and looked for updates.

Worse, the device menu is completely missing and there are no options in the preferences for it. I've got podcasts, but no way to put them onto my iPod.

Via YaST I've uninstalled 3.0, installed 2.2, and locked in. However with SuSE 12.1 coming soon, I'm anxious to hear that gPodder 3.0 will support devices.

(All this would be a moot point if the move from Amarok 1.4 to 2.x hadn't broken so much. Podcast are hosed, as is copying any album. What a perfect example of ruining a perfectly good application with a horrid "upgrade".)