I have received a script for patching a perl script by email. When using Thunderbird I am able to highlight the script and save it directly to a file. I know this creates the patch file and I know it works.

I wanted to do the same on my laptop and do not have thunderbird installed so used my browser to get my mail at isp where squirrel mail is available to access my account.

If I now highlight the patch text I am not offered the option to save it to a file but only to copy. If I do this and paste into a file created with touch or vim, I have two problems.

1 The first 11 characters are cut off. (I can type them back using vim as editor) Why is this? I have tried it several times and it is not an omission from the initial highlighting on my part.

2 The longer lines of script are broken up into two (like a LF CR have been inserted as in windoze) and this means the patch does not run as there are errors in the script. This didn't happen using Thunderbird. My question:- is there a way of avoiding this and where is the problem introduced? Trouble is I cannot see which lines have been changed so cannot edit them to make corrections. I am not a coder so cannot see perl script errors at a glance.

Can anybody suggest solution please?