after getting a bit annoyed of Ubuntu I decided to switch to SUSE 11.4. (I had used suse a long time ago...)

During the installation the computer froze and I had to restart. That was after the system booted from hard disk, but before I got to set up things like the machine name or further users.

After rebooting the system failed to start the graphical system. That is `earlyxdm` failed to start.
Next, I ran `rpm --rebuilddb` and `yast` on cli and did updates. Now, after the updates, the graphical system works again. However, I'm not sure if there is still something wrong with the system. E.g. in the Desktop Folder the icon for Office is missing.

Is there a way to rerun those setup steps, that were skipped due to freeze and restart? Or another way of making sure, that everything is installed and set up properly?

I tried to simply reinstall the system. However, I encrypted the hard drive and the 11.4 KDE live image that I put on a usb stick fails during boot stating that it cannot read the harddisk.
It is the same thumb drive I used for the initial installation.

Thanks for your help.