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Thread: Network Installation Problem

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    Hi all, my problem is that system cannot have an internet connection while installing the network installation. .

    The documents say that DHCP gets the connection automatically but it does not on mine, i think. It says no repositories found. I tried selecting Network Config -> DHCP on first installation screen. It then loads some drivers, then sends a DHCP request but cannot login..


    P.S : I've got wireless modem that has password, i tried typing password to the different places, but did not work, though.

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    Default Re: Network Installation Problem

    When I installed 11.4, I used the network install. But I used a wired connection for that. I didn't see any way to use wireless for the install, though I could use wireless afterward.
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    Default Re: Network Installation Problem

    If you can, use a wired connection. Wireless may be unstable and you don't want to loose the connection in the middle of the installation process.

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    Thanks for replies. I successfully installed it by wired connection. I'm now busy with configuring the system, updating packages etc

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