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Thread: kde3 in 12.1

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    Default kde3 in 12.1

    Just in case you want to know.
    I have tried the publicised kde3 that they quote as being back in 12.1

    It's not a pattern, which doesn't help
    I added the kde3 factory repo too
    And it works nicely.

    But I wouldn't quite describe it as being back. It's fiddly to install and and kde3-powersave isn't functioning properly
    No kde3-ksnapshot
    Otherwise it seems good
    Certainly very snappy
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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    Default Re: kde3 in 12.1

    I always install kde 3 and still use it sometimes - although I mainly use kde4. It generally works fine with 12.1 - I've found that any rpm's missing from the kde3 factory repo or packman repo can usually be obtained by using the equivalent 11.4 or 11.3 rpm's.

    One thing that I have noticed is that with 11.4 kde3 apps worked in kde4 and kde4 apps worked in kde3. But with 12.1 not all kde4 apps work in kde3 - although kde3 apps work fine in kde4.

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    Default Re: kde3 in 12.1

    kpowersave is not included in 12.1, you can only install it from KDE:KDE3 repository because it requires hal. Hal priviledges had changed so it may require adjustment (you would have also to enable hal service).

    ksnapshot is in kdegraphics3 package.

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    Default Re: kde3 in 12.1

    Also note that there is already KDE:KDE3 for 12.1, so no need to attach Factory repo.

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