After an upgrade from KDE 4.6 to KDE 4.7.2 i did notice that hp-systray is not working anymore. Beside that, the process of hp-systray is eating a lot of CPU and i have to kill it:
creatura  3970 99.4  1.9 370800 39872 ?        Rs   12:08  39:47 python /usr/bin/hp-systray
creatura  4071  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    12:09   0:00 [python] <defunct>
Running it from the konsole it gives me the following output:
error: dbus failed to load (python-dbus ver. 0.80+ required). Exiting...
The weird part here is that i have python-dbus installed.
My temporary solution was to remove the package hplip and thus loosing the ability to use the printer`s built-in scanner under openSUSE.
As far as i know the hplip GUI uses python and qt so i`m thinking of two options:
1. use qt48 Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt48/openSUSE_11.4 , maybe is qt related ?
2. use KDE from the factory repo

I don`t see any other options... can you tell me what should i do ?