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Thread: Gnome 3.2 Upgrade Woes

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    Default Gnome 3.2 Upgrade Woes

    I did an upgrade from Gnome 3.0 to 3.2 last Thursday, and while Gnome 3.0 worked very well for me, 3.2 has been a disaster.

    1) The most annoying problem was that I lost networking. Nm-applet wasn't running, and I received the following error message when manually trying to start it:

    ** Message: applet now removed from the notification area

    (nm-applet:9888): libnotify-WARNING **: Failed to connect to proxy

    ** (nm-applet:9888): WARNING **: get_all_cb: couldn't retrieve system settings properties: (25) Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1.
    ** Message: applet now embedded in the notification area

    ** (nm-applet:9888): WARNING **: fetch_connections_done: error fetching connections: (25) Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1.

    ** (nm-applet:9888): WARNING **: Failed to register as an agent: (25) Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
    ^C** Message: PID 0 (we are 9888) sent signal 2, shutting down...

    A quick Google check showed me that this was due to Network Manager itself not starting. NM refused to start manually. Sorry, but I forgot to save the error message I received. Downgrading to the version of NM in the 3.0 repository made everything work again.

    2) I've also not been able to get sound in Banshee and Totem, and I can't hear the test sound through the Gnome System Configuration tool either. Non-Gnome apps work fine though. I can hear sound in Firefox and Audacious. I did an upgrade of gstreamer packages to those in the Gnome 3.2 repository, as they didn't upgrade intitally for some reason, but the problem still persists.

    When I start Audacious, I get an ALSA error message:

    snd_mixer_find_selem failed.

    Audacious works, though, after dismissing the message box.

    I also get the following error message when I use sox:

    ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1018: (snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave
    play FAIL formats: can't open output file `default': snd_pcm_open error: Device or resource busy

    I wasn't receiving either message in 3.0.

    I also sometimes have to restart Firefox to hear sound. It mysteriously stops working at times.

    3) The following extensions crash gnome-shell: Window Navigator, Alternative Status Menu and Workspace Indicator. The Dock extension doesn't work at all. The dock doesn't show up when it's activated.

    4) Gnome Tweak Tool doesn't show in the applications menu. The desktop configuration file doesn't exist.

    5) Also, when opening Nautilus, the cursor stays busy for about five seconds. It works fine otherwise, but it's an annoyance.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I haven't seen any reports of these issues from anyone else. I'm using 11.4 64-bit.

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    Default Re: Gnome 3.2 Upgrade Woes

    I'm one of the GNOME openSUSE helpers and AFAIK, there has been no official announcement that GNOME 3.2.0 repository is ready for 11.4 there are still some bugs (gdm for one) that are being looked at

    I'm assuming the repo priority is 98 for the Gnome 3.2 repository?

    I would fire up YaST Software Management and the select the repository view and select the Gnome 3.2 repository and look through the list of installed files and check the 'versions' tab to ensure things updated.
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    Default Re: Gnome 3.2 Upgrade Woes

    malcolmlewis: i did an upgrade of Gnome 3.0 to 3.2 today, priority 99, using this repo Index of /repositories/GNOME:/STABLE:/3.2/openSUSE_11.4 and all went fine. After reboot i did notice a fast load time for Gnome 3.2 under my 64 bit system.

    LastValkyrie: check the versions of gnome packages as suggested by malcolmlewis and in addition to that inside Software Management open -> View -> Patters --> and see if the checkbox from Gnome Base System and Gnome Desktop Environment are checked. If not check them am press accept.
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    Default Re: Gnome 3.2 Upgrade Woes

    Gah, seems my "wait a while - oh, the Live CD is there, so the repo must be okay" strategy failed I'm getting the GDM problem at the moment - it just crashes out with the black "ooops, something wrong" screen and errors in /var/log/messages saying:
    Oct 25 13:49:15 ankhmorpork gnome-session[4263]: Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.#012
    Oct 25 13:49:15 ankhmorpork gdm-simple-slave[4225]: WARNING: Child process 4263 was already dead.
    Oct 25 13:49:18 ankhmorpork gdm-simple-slave[6892]: WARNING: GdmSessionDirect: conversation gdm started more than once
    Oct 25 13:49:19 ankhmorpork gnome-session[6925]: WARNING: App 'gnome-shell.desktop' respawning too quickly
    I'll keep poking, but is there a fix or work-around for the Gnome 3.2 GDM on openSUSE 11.4?


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    Default Re: Gnome 3.2 Upgrade Woes

    D'oh! Short forum edit time strikes again. Sorry.

    One fix, if the GDM is the only problem you're having, is to drop back to the GNOME_3.0 repo's version of the GDM. I just did it and it seems okay. Only needed to downgrade the GDM and the GDM branding packages. Ran "sudo /usr/sbin/gdm" and logged in okay.

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