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Thread: hostapd+dhcp+vpnc configuration problem

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    Default hostapd+dhcp+vpnc configuration problem

    I'm trying to gain access to my works vpn network (vpnc) from my android (NOT rooted) device. I have successfully set up vpnc, yet I'm running into problems with configuring hostapd and dhcp to work with tunel made by vpnc.

    If anyone of you made something similar and can share his/hers config files I would be grateful.

    btw is it possible to run hostapd with RTL8188SU on open suse? I can do it on windows, yet on linux hostapd states that it cant switch card into master mode.

    I'm running opensuse 11.4.

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    Default Re: hostapd+dhcp+vpnc configuration problem

    bump bump bump

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