Hi guys,

A question about something I’ve just applied on the system. First the back story of why i did it first. I've installed Opensuse 11.3 Gnome on my desktop which is now dual booting with Windows XP, and i've been playing around with it, using opensuse as my main OS, installing stuff, finding out what does what etc. After the first restart after install from the live cd and installing updates a vmware-user crash error appeared on boot up, causing no other foreseeable issues other than this minor inconvenience.

So now to what I’ve done. After some research I found what could be a solution to this error and this what i did. I went into software manager, searched vmware, vmware-guest-kmp-default was selected and installed there already, so i checked vmware-guest-kmp-desktop and applied the change. It installed a desktop kernel, asked me to restart to activate this and boom! it worked, no questions asked apart from why i have two opensuse 11.3's on my boot loader along with their fail safes and my windows xp except one has (desktop) next to it and this is the one i don't go into by default.

So on i went, happy as larry until as part of my learning i decided to check what it is exactly i have done and this is what i hope someone in here can tell me the difference between the two packages. From what i can see at the moment, the vmware-guest-kmp-desktop kernel uses less memory than the vmware-guest-kmp-default kernel. Everything is fine, i just want to learn about what i've done in more detail and what advantages and dis-advantages each have, i've already tried googling and can;t see a clear explanation, hence the long story lol.

Any info/links/opinions are much appreciated,