I m using the chromium packages for my 11.4 from Index of /repositories/network:/chromium/openSUSE_11.4

For the past 2 days I'm observing issues when using the Directions feature in Google maps (which I do often).

This happens almost 80% of the time I try:
1. In maps.google.com, enter the From and To places and hit get directions
2. The tab/page goes blank
3. Hitting F5 or refresh button does not reload the page - the same blank page stays.
4. If I go to another URL and come back to maps.google.com, the maps work - but yes I need to re-enter the places and everything.

There have been updates delievered almost twice or thrice a week for this. I checked out the /var/log/zypper/history and found out that the following version updates happened:

2011-09-06 - Upgraded to chromium 15.0.870.0-3.1
2011-09-29 - Upgraded to chromium 16.0.891.0-62.1
2011-10-03 - Upgraded to chromium 16.0.898.0-63.1
2011-10-04 - Upgraded to chromium |16.0.898.0-63.2

I know for sure I updated on 2011-10-04 from -63.1 to -63.2 after seeing this problem and it didn't help.

I'm trying to download the older versions 16.0.891.0-62.1 preferably or may be 15.0.870.0-3.1 if not. I'm unable to find the RPM packages of any of these around

1. Would someone know if there is any means to get these older version packages ?
2. Could someone confirm if they see the same problem in their version of chromium as well ?

I'm using the x86_64 arch build if that makes any difference.