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    Hi everyone!

    Since I installed Gnome 3 on openSUSE 11.4 I haven't been able to the WIFI at all. I have tried to create connection manually and nothing, I google this problem and I thought it was a problem with a keyring son a uninstall all keyrings packages and nothing so I uninstall networkmanager and install WICD and nothing, the only way that I have been able to connect through a wifi is using yast

    this is a screen shot of ifconfig and networkmanager

    thanks in advance!

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    i think you will get more help in our wireless forum (most of the
    wireless gurus hang out there)..

    and, if you carefully read through the three stickies at the top of that
    forum you just may find the answer to your problems there..

    if not you will find the information the gurus will need for you to
    provide before they can help you...and, you should put that info into
    your _first_ post in

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