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Thread: One Click list?

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    Default One Click list?

    Goodevening to allt he Suse-peoples!

    Is/Are there a compilation of One-Click installations and Setups (eg like with multimedia?)

    I stumbled across this Search Results

    which links you to a one-click install for VUZE

    Now I looked for a list of the software packages available here but no luck?

    My thinking, as a eternal Noob is that it would be very useful if there were lists like these neclick installs etc


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    Default Re: One Click list?

    I'll simply answer :


    A list of one-click installs could be really great. And even greater if this list was available at install of OpenSUSE : create a tiny app to fetch the updated list on one of SUSE's servers and ask user what he wants to install :
    -> upgrade KDE with this
    -> Gnome ?
    -> Skype
    -> multimedia plugins
    -> kernel
    -> ...

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    Default Re: One Click list?

    This is the only "one click" collection I know of: 1-click-collection - openSUSE Community Wiki
    Klaatu Barada Nikto

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