Their browser based uploader seems to have a time limit. When I was going to my folder to find the file I wanted to upload, it kept timing out on me so I couldn't select my file. I had to try again several times, racing against the clock each time and finally I was able to find my file fast enough. This has never happened to me before.
I tested it again, this time counting the seconds until it timed out on me. To test, I just clicked on the "upload photos", went to a subfolder, and just waited (and counted). Total time: about 23 seconds. Then I tried it out again and navigated to a different subfolder. This time it took about 6 seconds until it timed out on me.

Is this problem due to the site itself, or does it have something to do with my browser or system?
I'm running SuSE 11.4 and SeaMonkey 2.3 is my browser and I have Java 1.6.0_26 and Shockwave Flash 10.3 r183.