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    i am completely newbie in opensuse, i should have configure an application which in its manual i have this line
    install sync database1 workstation2.....
    but i enter i get this error
    "install: cannot stat 'sync' : No such file or directory"
    what is "install sync" ? is it an additional command in opensuse or it is an package which should be installed first?
    any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Hello nnmmss, I see that this is your first post. Welcome to this friendly forum.

    To your question:

    install is a Linux command used to copy files to some destination directory or to create new directories. You can see the manual page for install when you type:

    man install
    on the command line. There is a manual page for almost any command, so you will use man quite often in the future.

    In your case you launched the install command which was looking for a file named "sync" to copy it, but could not find it. Most probably this was not what you intended to do. To get help about how to configure your application we would need some more information about what you are intending to do and what the application is. Please state the version of openSUSE you are using as well as the desktop (KDE / GNOME, ...).
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