I have a problem with Xiphos. I'm running openSUSE 11.4 KDE. BibleTime is running fine, and with oS 11.3 I was able to run both programs. But n 11.4 xiphos seems to be installed by yast2 but the directory in /.sword/xiphos only has /bookmards and /tabs and 2 conf files. It seems to be missing files. When I run it it quits as soon as it starts. It will not keep running. It was installed first by the education repository, but I uninstalled it and tried the packman repository. There was no change. I've been looking for answers or workarounds but have found none. Since xiphos is for Gnome, could it be that oS 11.4 will not support it any more, or needs tweaking first? I am able to run several programs from Gnome however.

Any help you could give would be appreciated and thanks in advance.