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Thread: Thankyou to the OpenSUSE developers

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    Thumbs up Thankyou to the OpenSUSE developers

    I am new to Linux and did not know where to post this...Administrators feel free to move this to where it may fit best.
    I just installed OpenSUSE 11.4 KDE onto a small 1.00 Ghrz AMD with 370 megs of ram and to my suprise it runs and looks good on so little
    power...I felt I needed to give a Thanks for a change and good job

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    Default Re: Thankyou to the OpenSUSE developers

    As you do not realy ask for help, it should have gone in one of the forums where one does not ask for help like Community and Fun > General Chit-chat.
    But doing it the other way (asking for help in a non help forum) is far more worse

    I see this is your first post here. Thus welcome to these forums.

    That said. I might add that the developers are not realy lurjng here, thus your well ment "Thank you" will most probably not realy reach them. Most people here are users like you. Some more experienced in some aspects of Linux and/or openSUSE then others, but users.
    In any case we (at least I) like it very much that you have a positive experience with openSUSE and thus your "Thank you" is not completely lost.

    Enjoy openSUSE and feel free to ask for help and/or clarification if needed.
    Henk van Velden

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