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    When I used KDE 4.4 I had 2 issues with Kopete: First one I couldn't send messages to offline contacts nor I received from them when I was offline. Second one, if I logged in Hotmail's site using the browser, signed out and then trying to log in using Kopete, it threw me an error saying I already logged in from another PC. I had to restart PC after this.

    I was told that the first issue was due to Microsoft changing protocols or something like that, and I was suggested to update. So I updated entire KDE 4.6 Stable, and Kopete also did. But I just realized both issues didn't get fixed.

    Any help about this? By the way, I'm on openSUSE 11.3 x64. Thanks.

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    Any help? Thanks.

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    Is it that it's a very uncommon issue, or just lacks of importance?

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