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Thread: Kmail linking to firefox

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    Default Kmail linking to firefox

    I' m sure there's a simple solution to this.

    I'm using Opensuse11.4 and have kmail and Firefox. When I click a url: link in kmail it opens a new tab in Firefox. The problem is that the url is linked to my temp cache files as this


    The tab this opens has most of the link icons stripped out and the links to other parts of the website don't work and I get a "file not found" error and the link is to a file which doesn't exist


    This is only a minor annoyance as I can right click > copy the url and paste it to the address bar in Firefox then it works ok. I don't think it anything in either programme that's broken because this happened after an update to Opensuse 11.4 on my previous laptop and has happened again on my new laptop with a fresh install.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Kmail linking to firefox

    I do not see this annoyance when I change my default browser to Firefox. (System Settings > Default Applications)
    But this installation is non-standard.

    Do you have "mozilla-kde4-integration" installed?

    Kmail/Korg/Kontact/Kdepim4 &c. from KDE-4.6.5

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    Default Re: Kmail linking to firefox

    Hello eng-int thanks for the reply. your mentioning System Settings > Default Applications gave me the clue. some time ago I dumped the original Opensuse version of Firefox and installed a downloaded Firefox 6 I think one interfered with the other in this case.

    I changed the Default app from "firefox" to "open in application based on content of URL" which opened it correctly in konqueror. I then changed back to "in the following browser" and changed "firefox" to the full path to /home/terry/.mozilla/firefox/firefox this seems to have worked.

    Thanks again.

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