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Thread: VM failes to install CentOS

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    Default VM failes to install CentOS

    Hello all,

    I am trying to come up with a virtual CentOS installation. Here is what i did:

    in yast clicked on `Install Hypervisor and tools --> XEN`

    then clicking on create new virtual machine.

    I leave everything as defaults, selected `redhat` as my installation type. Then I inserted CentOS 5.5 DVD into my drive and selected it as a source for installation.

    When I try to hit OK and install, I see the attached image with gives an error message.

    Can anybody help ?


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    Default Re: VM failes to install CentOS

    I can't help with Xen. But if you want to try kvm (which is better and easier IMO), here's example of the installation of a centos 5.5 guest in a kvm machine: CentOS 5.5 - vm installation guide

    The script has been posted in the development forum: vm-create : create kvm virtual machines - Page 2

    I wrote it to work with XEN too (libvirt can handle both) but it was never tested with Xen and therefore I assume that it won't work.

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