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Thread: Restoring a replaced folder or file

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    Long story short, I turned my laptop in for repairs. I used someone else's USB drive to hold my pictures etc from that computer. I may have replaced the "pictures" folder tat was already on there, but I'm not sure if it was there in the first place. (Doesn't remember the "Are you sure you want to replace..." warning <.< >.>) I enabled hidden files, and there was a folder called .Trashes, instead of what you'd normally get. I copied my pictures onto my desktop, and then cleared the ones on the USB drive (left the folder). There was a folder named .000Trash-, or whatever it usually is. Only my pictures are in there. I'm confused, and don't tell me the pictures that were originally on the USB are gone forever.
    There's a tool for Windows, called Glary's Uilities that can get them back, supposedly. Not running windows, though. And Wine hasn't really proven to work that well for me.
    And help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Just copy them from the trash. I suspect you deleted the wrong device and your pictures are probably also still on the USB drive.

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    try photorec it is in the repositories, not sure which one off hand. also have a look here about photorec
    PhotoRec - CGSecurity

    PhotoRec - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    hope this helps..

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    You will find a recent version in this repo:

    Please select the appropriate openSuSE version.

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    Pictures werent in trash

    PhotoRec looks freaking sweet

    404 @ at the link

    All looks good so far, guys. Thanks!

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