I'm running opensuse 11.3 with normal repositories, and all of a sudden
when I click on a URL in an email, Evolution now starts chromium instead
of Firefox. Grr!

I just checked in Firefox and it says it is the system default browser.
I can't find anything in Evolution preferences about using some other

I can't bring up help for Evolution; it says

"Could not display help for Evolution.
The specified location is not supported"

I don't see any evolution-doc package or whatever to install.

I can't find anything in Chromium that looks even vaguely relevant.

I'm running opensuse 11.3 with normal repositories.
Evolution says it is Evolution
Firefox says it is Firefox version 3.6.18
Chromium says it is Chromium 15.0.839.0 (Developer Build 0 Linux)

I installed a YaST update yesterday; I don't remember what was in it.

Postscript: I just googled and on an Ubuntu forum
<http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1638226> I found advice that
fixed the browser choice problem:

"System-Preferences-Preferred Applications-Internet"

But what caused evolution to ever think chromium was my preferred browser?

And any advice on how to access Evolution help?

Thanks, Dave