Dear all,

Here is a description of my problem:

I usually use .desktop files to organize my web links instead of using the bookmarks
of Firefox. For instance, here is a .desktop file I have stored under ~/teaching

[Desktop Entry]

In order to test it you may just save this text (without leading blank lines) in
a file called ShuntingYard.desktop and save it e.g. under folder teaching.

Then perform as follows

i) Open file manager (Dolphin)
ii) Go to folder "teaching"
iii) Click onto the ShuntingYard file to open it
iv) Dolphin opens Firefox with the Link (as expected) but
if you look at Dolphin current directory you'll see that
it has tried to open the folder

which is not the correct behavior since Dolphin does not support HTML
web browsing.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong ?

Current version I'm using:


from Tumbleweed repository.