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Thread: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/extensions/'

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    Default PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/extensions/'

    hello there

    few days ago i installed the newest opensuse 11.4 32bit system and all is working really fine.
    except when starting apache or doing a php -v on the CLI i receive the following error ->

    php -v
    PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library
    '/usr/lib/php5/extensions/' - /usr/lib/php5/extensions/
    undefined symbol: grapheme_extract_count_iter in Unknown on line 0

    i know this bug has been reported earlier and i found quite a few results in google.

    i even found one result where the problem was fixed and updated in an additional opensuse repository ->

    Additional package repositories - openSUSE

    the repository with the fix is the following ->

    Index of /repositories/server:/php/openSUSE_11.4

    so ... i added this repository via YAST to the repositories in my system without any problems

    but whenever i do a system update via YAST i don't receive new fixes and patches from the newly added repository!

    if i directly browse to the /i586 folder in the repository i see all the PHP updates with version 5.3.7 and the latest updates were done 19 aug 2011

    Index of /repositories/server:/php/openSUSE_11.4/i586

    but my system still has PHP version 5.3.5 installed and somehow doesn't want to update from the newly added repository for the apache php modules

    so ... i just double checked and the repository is enabled in YAST ... but I still don't receive updates from there

    well ... what am i missing? what am i doing wrong?

    i really would like to update to the new apache php modules, to get rid of that php '/usr/lib/php5/extensions/' warning, but somehow that doesn't seem to work ;-(

    any help or hint would be highly appreciated!!!

    thanks a million & all the best


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    Default Re: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/extensions/'

    How about:

    sudo zypper dup

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