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Thread: yast2 control center update fail

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    Default yast2 control center update fail

    This is the error message I got today when updating.
    patch:yast2-control-center-4200.noarch conflicts with yast2-control-center-qt.i586 < 2.20.2-1.3.1 provided by yast2-control-center-qt-2.19.3-6.1.i586

    How can I fix it?

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    Default Re: yast2 control center update fail

    Where is the no architecture yast coming from? Please show the output of

    zypper lr -d

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    Smile Re: yast2 control center update fail

    So, I normally suggest you start YaST / Software / Software Management (You must enter your password to start YaST).

    Then, in Software Management I do a:

    1. Options / Allow Vendor Change (Place an X there)
    2. Package / All Packages / Update if Newer Version Available (Agree if there are several Packages to update)
    3. You will then be presented with your choices to remove the conflict. I most likely would remove the file dbus-1-devel.i586 or change its vendor, but I don't know what else this might cause or why your have this problem.

    I normally make the following suggestions to all that have such problems:

    To avoid package problems, the most important thing to do is to: **NEVER** ignore a dependency, even if YaST/zypper/updater gives you such an option! In general, never switch to an >inferior< architecture and the solution is most often to just switch Vendor to the >Packman< repository. So changing the vendor is OK, but >ignoring< dependencies is never a very good idea!

    Thank You,
    My Blog:

    Software efficiency halves every 18 months, thus compensating for Moore's Law

    Its James again from Austin, Texas

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    Default Re: yast2 control center update fail

    well I can't really say exactly what I did to screw up the system, but I just formatted and installed a fresh copy so I no longer have the issue and I'm sorry I even started this thread. I would like to just remove it so as to not clutter the forum

    perhaps my purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others...

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    Default Re: yast2 control center update fail

    On 08/19/2011 07:06 AM, maxpro4u wrote:
    > perhaps my purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others...

    i see you have not been around these fora long, so i welcome you and
    have a tip: you probably won't live long enough to make _all_ of the
    disastrous missteps and errors that are available for new users to make!

    _and_ others with the same purpose in life (serve as warning to others)
    have preceded you, and some left bread crumbs for you which might help
    you find your way......

    but, if wish to try to experience all the pitfalls yourself, you have my
    good wishes...because there is no doubt whatsoever about the
    effectiveness of the "Learn by trying method" _will_ work (if you
    don't get tired of reinstalling and just quit), let me suggest an
    alternative approach: do some grazing among the bread crumbs from those
    who have erred before...

    for example, 'chief sealth' guessed (i believe correctly) that you
    somehow added a repo which pulled in a package you didn't need and it
    poisoned your system [if so, you are likely to make that mistake again,
    because you have already destroyed the evidence of the cause of the
    problem], here is the solution (to our guessed cause): read the
    paragraph beginning with "IMPORTANT" in this posting:

    and stick to that advice a good long while (i follow it today and have
    only four repos enabled....and, i've been using this distro exclusively
    since version 9.x--yes if i need something outside of those four repos i
    make a conscious decision to enable another and then immediately disable
    it after the install..)

    be careful with "1-Click Install" buttons, along the way you will be
    asked if you want to keep the added repo: i advise you to always either
    say NO, or immediately after the install open YaST Software Repositories
    and disable all but the prime four, and mark to auto-refresh packman and
    update _only_..

    now, while reading that "IMPORTANT" paragraph notice it is _one_ post in
    a series of many posts in only _one_ thread the read only how-to section
    of these fora....grazing in there will fill you up with good stuff which
    will help you fight off the need to reinstall so up
    (especially the top three stickies):

    and, once you have all those under your belt you might wanna peek in on

    happy hunting and know that none of what i said was meant as "RTFM",
    you are encouraged to ask _before_ another reinstall is required (in
    fact we all here know the first tool in the tool box of some operating
    systems is Reinstall....but many here (myself included) think it is more
    instructive to find the problem, and fix it (which is the path 'chief
    sealth' was on)....because if a user does the same things again the same
    problem is highly likely to occur again (and again) until the cause is
    found, and corrected...and the lesson learned and error not repeated! see?

    openSUSE®, the "German Engineered Automobile" of operating systems!

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