I've tried so hard to get a gnome 3 desktop up and running and get hit with brick wall after brick wall. i finally get it installed and running on suse, with the correct drivers installed and the correct screen resolution set but I now have a two-coloured menu bar.

It's black and white, split vertically and the icons on the top right are just white blocks.

I'm really at a loss to know why as I used the 1-click installer to get Gnome 3 installed. I'm running 11.4 and did a full system update and upgrade before I installed the drivers for my Radeon 3650 HD card, and then Gnome 3 after that.

I've tried taking a screen shot but none of the programs i've tried have included the menu bar, which is a pain.

I've looked in the catalyst control centre but nothing really gives me any clues there.

if anyone could give me any ideas or clues i'd be extremely grateful - thanks.