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    Are there any other options for a firewall gui for opensuse where you can see exactly what is going on with the firewall? I am finding the yast firewall gui in opensuse 11.4 to be extremely limited. I am not proficient in ip tables so looking for something that would give better control over the firewall rules for a beginner.


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    your question seems to be two folded:
    1. configuring firewalling rules
    2. monitoring network activity

    for firewalling
    try FireStarter at Firestarter . it works on Suse and is quite easy and visual.

    for monitoring
    on console you can install and try
    netstat -atpn
    netstat -aupn
    lsof -i -n

    and for accounting purposes, you can install
    ippac (or ippac-ng)

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