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Thread: Possible to disable "Tool Box" on desktop?

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    Default Possible to disable "Tool Box" on desktop?


    I'm new to Linux, just installed/updated 11.4 and am using KDE. I was wondering if there is a way to hide or disable the "Tool Box" that defaults to the top right corner of the desktop?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Possible to disable "Tool Box" on desktop?

    Hello, welcome to these Forums.

    The transparent one with a few icons in it? I would say yes, it is possible because I do not have it anymore

    But I do not know how I lost it, it was an effect of something else (and I like the effect as you seem to do). What about using the "Cashew" in the right upper corner, unlock widgets there and then go to that rectangle. If I remember correct, something comes out of the right border of it, else try a right click somewhere in it.

    But be carfull not to delete to much stuff (and do lock the widgets afterwards)

    O, and when you think this advise is a bit uncertain, you are correct. You may want to wait for other people who know exeactly how to do it.
    Henk van Velden

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    Default Re: Possible to disable "Tool Box" on desktop?

    Yes, it is transparent and has the "Cashew" but that is the only icon. Also, to clarify, It is separate from the cashew in right corner of the bottom panel. My widgets are unlocked but the only place I can drag it is around the edge of the screen. When I move it from the corner the shape changes, from a quarter circle, to a small rectangle with the text "New Activity". I used the term "Tool Box" in the title because that is the mouse-over text Upon right-click there are several options including (but not only), run command, widgets, and leave. However, there is no option to hide or remove.

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