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Thread: Gnome Restart on Try Drag-Drop ???

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    Default Gnome Restart on Try Drag-Drop ???

    Hello OpenSuSe users and admins ;

    I have Hp pavilion dv6 3031-et Laptop

    My system is kernel

    Open SUSE 11.4

    Linux #1 SMP PREEMPT 2011-07-21 02:17:24 +0200 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    I was installed in this week and just OpenSUSE handle my all drivers except graphic cards but I handle that too ;

    Here is my problem ;

    If I try add something on menu like a mozilla add home button my gnome screen it restart and my works all gone in this time

    But If I open my system with nomodeset on boot If I deactived my graphics cards Everything is fine I can do drag-drop I can something on menu but I open normal mode I cannot add anything on any programs

    I android-programmer I use a Eclipse-Classic If I try add button on my main.xml or anything my gnome restart I try another programs like drag-drop adding on mouse my screen restart and gnome re-open ??

    I need help for this or I cannot do my job ? Thanks ..

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    Default Re: Gnome Restart on Try Drag-Drop ???

    Hi thunderbirdtr and welcome to the forums

    You suspect that your problem with the desktop has something to do with the graphics card setup. Could you please report some hard facts about your graphics?

    On the command line in the terminal do:

    su -
    and then enter your root password. Then type this command:

    lspci -nnk
    and then

    Please report the results of lspci -nnk and (important!) when you edit your reply use the "Go Advanced" button and mark your results as code by highlighting it with the mouse cursor and then clicking "#".
    Technology is 'stuff that doesn't work yet.' -- Bran Ferren

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