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    Hi, Im trying to install GNOME-3 on top of kde and have GNOME DE option show up in kdm. I have SUSE DVD and have set local(OD) repository priority to 80 in order to get most packages from DVD. Inspite of that YaST pulls packages from online repositories, it may be the latest version. I have 8 MbPS dsl but the YaST download speeds are around 500B. How do I change mirrors of repositories. In my opinion this has nothing to do with ipv6, I use ipv6 for openBSD and it get good browsing speeds.

    Im trying to set kdm4 login manager but it doesnt start after enabling for YaST-/etc/sysconfig. Can someone please help.

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    Hi, I installed GNOME and sorted out internet speeds. I still cant get kdm to show up. Can someone please help.

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