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    Default Console settings

    (I hope I am not repeating myself here, as I have tried to send this
    before but don't see the post):

    I now have upgraded to Suse 11.4 and I can't find how to set the console
    settings. It fills the whole screen, and the font is tiny. I am able to enlarge
    the font, but not to change the window size. Under 11.2, I was able to set
    the font, and an 80 characters per line, 40 lines window, and then make
    all that permanent.

    Can I do that under 11.4, and if yes, how?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Console settings

    Sorry all, I now see that the first posting did succeed; I only hadn't set the display so
    that I could find it. Thanks for the replies, I'll try that.

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