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Thread: SUSE Studio Preload ISO refuses to install (most of the time)

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    Default SUSE Studio Preload ISO refuses to install (most of the time)

    Whenever I try to use a preload ISO from, it takes me about 5 tries to actually get it to install. I load it up in VirtualBox, and on the screen that warns "you are about to erase all data on /dev/sda, continue?", selecting "yes" will 80% of the time cause it to think you cancelled and waits 30 seconds before rebooting. Every now and then it decides to work, but sadly that's the exception and not the rule.

    If it makes any difference, the appliance I'm downloading is a custom one based on openSUSE 11.4 Minimal X with GNOME 3 installed on top of it.

    Anyone else run into this?

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    Default Re: SUSE Studio Preload ISO refuses to install (most of the time)

    Using a minimal X base on suse studio then simply adding gnome isn't necessarily going to result in an iso/disk that will boot on every machine in every situation, who knows what else could be missing that stops it booting as a vm on your machine, and when it doesn't troubleshooting why could likely be a hell of an undertaking

    Might be someone here could help you but to be honest mate this forum's mainly about standard versions of opensuse and tumbleweed rather than custom built versions (of not just opensuse) so you could well be out of luck expecting a fix here

    Assuming you were looking for a 'stripped down' installation suse studio isn't where I would look to, personally I would use a network install disk from Download openSUSE 11.4 to get the basic system up and running then install what I wanted/needed, if you've never tried a network install disk it might be worth a look for you, arch linux is also good for building minimal installations and can teach you quite a lot just by doing it

    Playing around on suse studio can be interesting, fun and even educational but I've always considered it a bonus if anything I've made on there works, works well and is stable, it's a place for projects & experimentation really as I see it

    Having said all that though, I hope someone can help ya

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