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Thread: Device notifier and DVD

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    I noticed a problem with device notifier: when I insert a DVD it recognizes it without problems, I can click the options and select to open it with kaffeine... but when the movie ends and I click again in the device notifier to extract it (yes, I close kaffeine first), it only gets unmounted: the DVD deck do not opens. Then, if I extract the DVD manually the device notifier do not refresh so I still see the DVD listed even if it is not there any more.

    KDE SC 4.6.5 on openSUSE 11.4 64 bits. I'm sure I did not have this problem with a previous 4.6.x version (don't ask me which one: it's some months since the last time I've had time to see a movie on this pc... )

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    Default Re: Device notifier and DVD

    If you release DVD then Eject, does it work?
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    If I close kaffeine and then click Eject button on device notifier nothing happens: I need to push the "physical" button on the DVD unit to eject the disk. And after that, the device notifier still shows the DVD title as if it were inside. Only if I restart the KDE session, device notifier "empties".
    This only happens with DVD: with usb keys everything work as expected.

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