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Thread: ICQ Sign-in Problem

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    Hi all. I Googled for ICQ help, some came up, so did opensuse, but this is a forum, so I chose you!
    Anyway. I downloaded and installed 'install_icq7.exe' from Signed up and I tried signing in and it didn't, so it tried again, didn't. I cancelled and tried a 3rd time and it blocks me from signing in! It said I've tried to perform this action too many times. Please try again later.

    Why would someone put that into a program?!

    It's also changed, I was expecting to sign-in with an ICQ number, not using my hotmail address.

    It has blocked me for 30 minutes. I have about 10 mnutes left, but I seriously doubt it will work after it unblocks me.

    Please, any help at all?!


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    You do realize this is not a windows operating system forum?

    Why not download direct from the i c q website and ask them direct if you have issues?

    If you want a linux version it's here
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    No. I did not... I blame Google then!

    I tried contacting them, thought feedback would work with providing my email address, but they say they are not obliged to reply.

    I have tried Linux OS before (I do dislike M$) but Linux was very complicated, I assume the Linux version of ICQ would be complicated as well.

    Sorry for this thread...

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