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Thread: Chromium browser icon missing in taskbar

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    Default Chromium browser icon missing in taskbar

    I've installed chromium browser package from Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/11.4:/Contrib/standard

    I notice that the taskbar icon has been missing (for quite some time) - I can confirm it on 3 different openSUSE 11.4 installations - on my laptop, my home HTPC/gaming rig and the worstation at work.

    The icon in the gnome main menu->internet->chromium looks fine but the icon I get in Compiz Ring Switcher seems to be the same white box icon with the blue bar.

    I'm sure it started happening since an update of Chromium in Feb/Mar timeframe.

    Does anyone else face similar problem and may be found a solution to get the icon fixed in the taskbar ?

    I've attached a screenshot showing the problem.


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    Default Re: Chromium browser icon missing in taskbar

    Report it as a bug to the packagers, they are not running the icon update macros in %post/%postun.
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    Default Re: Chromium browser icon missing in taskbar

    It's an odd problem because it appears on some users but not on one in my system. I discovered however that by copying the icon into my /home folder and then changing the properties to associate the /desktop icon with the one in /home has solved the problem for that user.

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    Default Re: Chromium browser icon missing in taskbar


    Malcolm brought this into my attention and I've found and located the problem. This happens because the maintainer of Chromium most likely uses KDE and is not placing the icons on one of the standard paths which in this case should be the 'hicolor-icon-theme' and not the Oxygen icon theme.

    For a quick test, if you select the Oxygen icon theme, you will see that the icons display properly. This is a packaging issue and I've opened a bug report (bnc#705223) for this. If this doesn't see solution within the next days, I'll modify the package and submit it, nevertheless it it's the maintainer's call to accept or deny it (though I don't see why he would deny it).

    Thanks for bringing this issue into our concern and help making openSUSE a better experience for everyone.


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