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    Angry Gnome 3 Cursor Theme

    I installed Gnome 3 on my openSUSE 11.4 install. The cursor goes from white to black like it did in Gnome 2 before I edited etc/sysconfig in Yast. Well I have gotten gnome-tweak-tool and edited sysconfig to use Adwaita and the cursor is still black on firefox white in other areas.

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    I had the exact same problem, however I found that it went away once i changed the cursor theme to DMZ in Gnome Tweak Tool

    Hope this helps.


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    This seems to work for the session but as soon as I reboot it goes back to white and black.

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    does anyone know any other openSuse specific settings files I can check to hard code it?

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    Hi Guys,

    I fixed this issue on the hardest way.

    I figured out that Gnome 3 uses black cursor theme by default. So, I reinstalled openSUSE and set black mouse pointer in Gnome 2.x. After that, I installed Gnome 3 and now my cursor is permanently black.


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    I have narrowed this down to a user setting, if I log in as root (!) the cursor themes are fine, I just now need to know what file in my home directory sets the cursor.

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    Hi all, i don't have a good english, but i try to explain the solution to this problem.

    I have the same problem, when i install a cursor theme it's only appear when i'm on Firefox. I solved it on my ArchLinux creating the folder .icons on my home, extracting the .tar.gz theme on it, and changing the name to "default" for example: The theme "Ecliz-Arch" changes its name into "default" and puts here: /home/user/.icons/default

    Now i'm going to try the same to the root user in /root/.icons/default but i'm not sure about this. I just see this issue on internet and i want to help everyone.

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    I tried that still a no go.

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    Have similar problem and find a solution from some guy's blog - i try it and it's work like a charm!

    make a directory named "default" in /usr/share/icons
    # mkdir /usr/share/icons/default
    make new file named "index.theme"
    # nano -w index.theme :
    put inside new created file index.theme the next 2 rows:

    [Icon Theme]

    that's it - hope will work for you or people with similar problems :-)

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